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Please read! Help me save a cat!


Hi there, my dad promised me that if I could get 1,000 likes on this photo by December 24th, I can go to an animal shelter and save a cat on Christmas day. This would mean the world to me if you guys could spread the word by reblogging this post and having people go like this picture. Thank you so much if you do, and I promise I’ll post pictures if I do get to my goal! Here’s the link!

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Since I still can’t upload pictures for another week, you can do one of the following:
  • Self-promo in the ask.
  • Send me a paragraph about yourself if you want to become an admin.
  • Let me know what pictures you would like to see when my photoshop is up and running again.
  • Etc.

Sorry I haven’t been on, it’ll be at least another week or so!/:

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I’m not going to be on for a couple of days, I’m thinking about having more people come help with the blog!

If you have Adobe CS6 extended or not, please message me off anon and you could help take care of this blog. 

Please guys please. I really will not be on and I don’t want to lose all the 400+ followers I got in the past month. ):


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